August 7-10, 2024




Standard Business Hours M-F 8am - 5pm EST

As a STAY-TO-PLAY event, we ask all teams to complete the hotel lodging process through this website, and not directly with the hotel. The hotel link (BOOK NOW button below) will provide the current available options.

Teams within 75 miles of the tournament complex are considered “local” and are released from any lodging requirements.

A $10 booking fee is used to hold each reservation with the balance of the room charged at checkout by the hotel directly. Please note resort properties may include additional deposits.

Teams may elect to “Opt-Out” of the STAY-TO-PLAY policy by paying an Alternative Lodging fee. Please contact Brooke West at [email protected] for additional information regarding opt out arrangements.

We require a minimum of 36 room nights* booked per team in order to be compliant with our Stay & Save policy, and avoid Alternative Lodging fees.

*room nights are calculated by multiplying the number of rooms booked by the number of nights booked. For example, 10 rooms X 4 nights = 40 room nights for your team

Team Block Creation
The following are not considered in compliancy with stay-to-play, and would fall into the opt out category:

  • Staying with family
  • Camping
  • Timeshare

We have also provided a link to our knowledge base for further explanation of how to navigate the site: